Shatter Hands Land Fly EP cropped
Shatter Hands Land Fly EP cropped

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Sonically somewhere in between Dimlite and Prefuse 73, all the while with a Danish twist, Shatter Hands’s recent release on Urban Waves is a quarter of an hour of blissful beatstrumentals. We spoke with the Copenhagen-based producer and thoroughly recommend you make time to fit his Land Fly EP into your listening schedule.

Written, recorded and produced during Spring/Summer 2012 in either his room in Vesterbro or old school, the seemingly extraordinary Engelsholm Højskole (“A beautiful place with a great electronic music course”), Shatter Hands added final touches to the EP in an ex-bomb shelter turned studio which he shares with guys from Greased Up Records.

Made using Logic 9, a Microkorg and Roland SP-404SX, the music’s dreamy individuality is aided by its maker’s choice of samples, homemade oscillator, and collection of field recordings. Contrasting how the Land Fly EP differs from previous releases, Shatter Hands outlines, “this one is up-tempo, more “spaced-out”, experimental and organic, I guess…”

“On my first release, This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things [SoundEsc, Sept 2011], I did not sample records, it was “slow-beats” and I only used software plug-ins.” The man Johan continues, “My second release, 404 Sessions, was more of a dogma/obstruction thing for me, where I had to do 40 beats for 40 days, to get to know the [SP-]404 and get a good workflow on it.” The 404 sessions had not been meant for a public outing, however NYC label Outlier Recordings liked what they heard and promptly made it available in March 2012, including a limited edition run on translucent red cassette tapes.

Returning to Land Fly and how music made in Copenhagen came to be released on a label out of Belgium, Shatter Hands explains the typically 21st Century hook-up, “Urban Waves contacted me through my Soundcloud profile. At first they asked if I wanted to contribute to their compilation Intergalactic Travels. Then I guess they liked what I sent them, because they wrote back asking if I wanted to do an EP for them. For that I am very thankful!”

Keen to encourage folk to listen out for more Danish artists, when asked he namechecks a host of local peers, offering positive opinions on each of them, “Zack Christ from the Tall Prawn collective (This guy blows my mind), The Works consisting of Terry Tester and Twelve Beats (These guys make the filthiest quality-beats!), Sekuoia (Goddamn wonderkid), Khalazer, consisting of Khal Allan and Doctor Lazer from Analogik (Best producer/rapper collaboration in a long time). He also gives special mention to Roger Beattaker, Hors, SylleStruck and everyone at Greased Up Records before extending praise to all those connected with SoundEsc and finally “[his] mentor, the one and only Spejderrobot”.

Land Fly by Shatter Hands

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