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    Having a signature sound really isn’t all that necessary to produce good music. Though it’s great for getting people to associate sound with artist, arguably it has the potential to stifle creativity. Being free from self-imposed standards lets producers create a much more dynamic catalogue of tunes. Still, it’s always good to nod towards the

  • CDR Preamble: 4di

    See/hearing 4di’s sonic developments over the two years of CDR Berlin’s growth has been great, so it was only a matter of time before we invited him to feature as a guest. Adding to our recent My First CDR… feature  with the multi-skilled producer, we shared a brief Q+A related to this Thursday’s proceedings.  What do CDR

  • My First CDR… 4di

    If you’ve been keeping up with our videos from CDR Berlin, you’ll have heard 4di’s music in the intro. And with good reason. The Berlin-based beatmaker has been consistently submitting ear-pleasing tracks to CDR for much of our German sessions’ lifetime. Regularly mixing up his style and sounds, we’re always keen to hear his sonic idiosyncrasies. Take