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  • CDR Preamble: Henry Rafael

    Occasional host of our CDR Audio Show and a producer who has been humbly creating innovative and excellent music for years, Henry Rafael [Keen] will be showing his skills for CDR Copenhagen June 27th (alongside Mo Kolours). Ahead of then we shared some Qs and As. Read on…  When and where did you first attend

  • Electric Jalaba’s ‘Aisha’ in Cranborne Earthouse

    Is it actually possible to listen to Electric Jalaba and not dance? Seriously? Grooves galore and then some more. Look out for live shows from the London-based sextet bringing Moroccan Gnawa music places to dancefloors, fields and festivals (or an Earthouse). Two London gigs coming soon. This Friday, Feb 8th for One Taste at Floripa then the following Friday

  • Olly Keen with bass

    My First CDR: Oliver Keen

    One of four impressively musical brothers raised in Dorset, Oliver/Olly/O. Keen first came to our attention as the fair-haired half of Soundspecies. As well as his ever-so-deep bass playing, his own musical voice has been partly shaped by time spent travelling in West Africa. His Bamana Project and current group, Electric Jalaba, echo this influence.

  • Henry Keen on Moog Rogue (detail) by Joanna Natalja Gourley

    Why…? Moog Rogue.

    Analog synth lover, Henry Keen (The Room Below/Soundspecies/Electric Jalaba) explains why a Moog Rogue has a special place in his studio. Over to you Henry… After being really excited by synthesizers as a kid it was obviously a big moment to actually own my first analog synth. I got my Moog Rogue in 2005 for

  • LISTEN TOO: The Room Below Versions

    A free-to-download album of Rapping with Paul White remixes, or versions, by The Room Below, aka Henry Keen, aka part of Soundspecies. All played and produced in a terraced house not far from the Old Kent Road, Saaaf London. “UK? OK…” Featuring the cream of underground MCs from both sides of the Atlantic [Yeah, we’re talking Guilty Simpson,

  • Boglewaltz and Soundspecies in the Boiler Room

    Recorded this time a year ago, when Summer actually had some sunshine, two stalwart CDR crews performed in the Boiler Room. Soundspecies showcased their Bamana Project while the body and brains behind Boglewaltz, Twin Cities (Guynamite and Analog Jones) and D.Ablo, presented a taste of their We Came For The Music release.         

  • CDR Preamble: Soundspecies Q+A

    1. So, you’re spinning a works and inspirations selection at CDR. What can we expect to hear? a little insight please! Henry – Well, we’ll try to give a little idea of some of the stuff we have been working on since the LP & 12″ came out 2 years ago! (shiiiit!!!). We haven’t had much

  • CDR at Late at Tate Britain

    CDR at Tate Britain (2009) – Words: Tony Nwachukwu Room 9, Wow! Putting on a CDR in a space which holds valuable paintings, that was something! We were invited to host room 9 at Tate Britain which was part of an evening of activity which ran all through the Tate. This event, with Soundspecies and