The Insomniax Q+A with Earnest Endeavours

If you’re into hip-hop/rap of any kind and are yet to check The Insomniax best make amends. Articulate and witty, they write exactly the sort of beats and words we want to listen to. Since brothers James and Mark, Kai Gama and Dr. Sydney Velvet played live at a CDR event in Brum last year we’ve had their Love She Wants EP (and subsequent remixes) on repeat. Always interesting to hear have to say, the (South) Londoners recent extended Q+A with Earnest Endeavours makes typically enjoyable reading.

Here’s a little quote from Kai:

“Writing music is a feeling-based process. It’s about interacting with your own creativity and distilling messages or narratives into something personal. For me, writing for the screen – or writing for any artistic medium – is an extension of that process. It all goes back to trying to affect the audience.”

And one from the good doctor:

“From the little cheesy songs that I listened to as a child growing up, to the music that our parents listened to, we try to utilize everything, and represent our influences as honestly possible so as not be ashamed of anything. Growing up listening to hip-hop, a lot of the music was sample based. As a youngster I remember trying to find out where all the samples came from. It’d be like: ‘Where did that Slum Village break come from?’ I’d find it was Herbie Hancock, and then I’d research Hancock and find Rah… Then I’d go on to find out about the other musicians and their discographies. That’s how my influences became a tapestry that I can pick from now.”

Read in full here.

Good to also see The Insomniax recently invited to Red Bull Studios. Oh, and we hear a short film/extended music video is on route. Bring it.  

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