Morgan Zarate - Broken Heart Collector video
Morgan Zarate - Broken Heart Collector video

Morgan Zarate’s Broken Heart Collector out now

#BigPopSmash said @Hyperdub’s tongue-in-cheek hashtag. But can Morgan Zarate’s latest record, released on Monday, become “a potential chart hit”? Smitten by Morgan’s production and Stevie Neale’s terrific vocals, we’re crossing our fingers that the song gets the airplay it deserves.

Here’s the video by along with Cornish crew, Dogbite.

The release also comes with a grimey number, ‘Crey Bey’ (similar to two-thirds of Morgan’s Hyperdub Hookid EP) plus an instrumental, BHC, that previously surfaced in another world (Yeah that’s Rihanna).

Another Stevie Neale track, ‘Dangerous’, is due early November. Listen below:

Digital release of Broken Heart Collector is available direct from Hyperdub or from iTunes. Go geddit!


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