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  • MY FIRST CDR: Scrimshire

    We were pretty pleased here in CDR HQ to hear that Scrimshire had new music in the works, and from what we’ve peeked so far is sounding pretty tasty, aside from his brilliant recent release with Emma Jean-Thackray. A producer, mix engineer, label head and artist, Adam has done it all in his time working

  • Preamble – Ikonika

    As usual, we had a catch up with Ikonika ahead of her session – in conversation with Shy One at Rye Wax on 17th April:   How has your music production process evolved over time? Were you a musician or producer first? I was actually a drummer first. I used to play in Hardcore and


    Sean Keating aka Born Cheating whilst juggling his time as a DJ, running his label Tiff’s Joints, playing as part of sonic-invasion band Lunch Money and a Touching Bass family member; has also found a little time to make some of his own music over the years. Keating is yet to reveal all to the

  • Preamble – Tenderlonious

    As per CDR session usual, we had a little catch up with Tenderlonious ahead of his session at The Glove That Fits next week:   How has your music production process evolved over time? Were you a musician or producer first? Producer first. I lacked musicianship in the early days so I made a decision

  • My First CDR – Michael Mikkelsen

    When and where did you first attend CDR? It must have been five years ago down Plastic People. After a lengthy break from music, leaving aside a fair bit of clubbing (Friday nights at Plastic People were an obvious choice at the time), attending the odd gig and generally spending too much time waiting for


    Photo Credit Lina Jonsson If you’ve been to any of our sessions in London it’s likely that you would have seen, or perhaps even met  Roshan Chauhan, aka R.O.S.H, as he’s one of the most friendly and talented producers of what we’re calling the class of 2015/16. Hailing from Herftfordshire R.O.S.H’s tracks err on the more

  • CDR x Rising Festival 2014

    We’re proud to be a part of Roundhouse Rising this year. More London runnings! Our participation is a two pronged affair that will inspire music makers and fans alike. Read through the following to see wha’ gwarning!  1) Focus – CDR x Rising Production Lab – 18-20th February Media Lab, 11am – 5pm In the days

  • CDR Preamble: Perera Elsewhere

    As one-third of the group Jahcoozi, (Sasha) Perera Elsewhere first came to our attention with her entrancing spoken-cum-sung vocals. Now treading her own path, her recent album, Everlast, is an inspired 21st century take on folk music. Listen to the longplayer below, and get to know Perera before her CDR Berlin visit this Thursday 5th

  • My First CDR… Eric Lau

    Watching artists mature through their musical careers is a major part of the sentimental side to CDR. It’s been a while since we first crossed paths with Eric Lau and those Freeness days. Definitely, time we caught up with the London-based producer, let’s go!  When and where did you first attend CDR? What do you recall?  Back

  • CDR x Dimensions Festival family: Theo Parrish

    If you attended Theo Parrish’s sermon of sense at State of Independence last Thursday evening, you’ll know Theo’s reach goes beyond dancefloors. Back in 2011, when CDR Berlin was finding its feet, we got to learn audio insights from the free-talking maestro and earlier this year, we again got to collaborate with the Steve Reid fundraiser, Experience of