CDR (Create, Define, Release) is an evolving multi-platform music project delivered by a collective of music producers, artists and thinkers passionate about creating opportunities to share the process of music production.

CDR sessions offer music makers the opportunity to submit their own songs (burnt onto CD, on a USB or uploaded in advance) then hear them played in a club environment over a superb soundsystem.

By getting a chance to publicly listen to their sonic works in progress, producers can identify any tweaks or development their songs could benefit from (especially when played through Plastic People’s crystal clear bespoke setup). They can also gauge people’s responses as well as discussing their tracks with others attending.

The regular structure of a CDR night has not needed much adjusting over the ten-plus years sessions have been running. Every night brings together a different mix of music makers, each with new works ready to be aired, meaning the event inherently stays fresh.

A sense of anticipation has remained the same too, whereby producers in attendance – who’ve excitedly (or anxiously), submitted their songs – await the opening beat or bar of their remix, edit or original composition.

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Earwigging in on crowd conversations, you might hear props being shared, as producers (or listeners, dancers, A+Rs, broadcasters, or DJs) attending to hear the as upfront as it gets music, praise one another’s compositions, specific sounds, or the general vibe or idea of a track. This constructive feedback, comment and camaraderie has led to numerous collaborations, with like-minded characters meeting at CDR before subsequently finding ways to work together.

Artists who have attended CDR to submit their musical works in progress, before going on to achieve notable international success, range from Adele (way back!) to more recent alumni Maya Jane Coles and Sbtrkt.

As well as the CDR clubnight format, various special technical workshops or production tutorials regularly take place run by CDR’s founder and honcho, Tony Nwachukwu. These sessions allow participants to dabble in, or sharpen their skills with, software such as Logic Pro or Ableton Live, or classic analogue equipment from 808s to MPCs. For the range of all CDR happenings, including sessions in Berlin and Copenhagen, check the Projects section.

2012 sees CDR make a transition from monthly residencies to a more-fluid tour format. Keep an eye on the Events section to track dates or scroll to the bottom left for soon-to-come nights.

For a taste of some of the music played have a listen to the CDR Audio Show on NTS Live.  A detailed look at CDR’s history can be read here.

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