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    Beats of Mind detail

    Thanks to Laurent Fintoni for the heads up on this video of Ras G, Kutmah and Dakim’s recent trip with Sweeney Kovar to Belfast. Wanting to know more about the project, we spoke with the documentary’s maker, Gus Sutherland to get the backstory. 

    “I met all the guys in L.A., while filming for All Ears. That was a good while back now (First trip in 2009), and I interviewed them all then. All Ears is hopefully going to see some sort of release this year and is based around the beat scene there. The whole project’s been done out of a backpack on a shoestring budget. It screened last October at the QFT when they came to Belfast.

    I borrowed the Beats Of Mind title for the event and short film from a Ras 10″ on Poobah. As with All Ears, I just wanted to provide a few insights/foresights into their creative outlooks, that title seemed appropriate.”

    “I’d seen Andres’ [Sweeney Kovar] Classic Drug References blog and read some of his pieces in SHOOK magazine before heading to L.A. His article in The Beat Generation issue was the first in-depth piece I’d read documenting a real thriving producer community there. Definitely an instigator in me even thinking to go out there.

    I heard Kutmah, Ras and Dak’s music through MySpace and met them all separate times at Low End Theory. Dakim was the most random encounter as I was chatting to Ron Stivers (who runs Poobah) about Dak’s music when he told me Dak was right behind me. Until then I’d heard he was as reclusive as Madlib and despite having eight MySpace pages I didn’t even know what he looked like. Fast-forward a couple of years it was just as surreal and amazing hearing their beats on an equally proper soundsystem in a students union basement in Belfast.”

    More on Gus Sutherland’s documentary and other goodness at The Hungry Ear.

    Image up top is a detail from the Beats of Mind flyer by Rory Sutherland.

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