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    Back in August last year a mysterious video/track appeared online, ‘Plastique’. An obscure MF Doom-ish tale of how “Everything is made of plastic, even your face.” Who was behind it? A certain Strange U. Mmm, promising. Whiz on to June/July 2012 and Alexander Nut of Eglo Records smartly announces that Strange U will be joining Eglo Records (alongside Floating Points, Funkineven and the other talents). Nice work Mr Nut. Around the same time a second Strange U song surfaces, ‘Bad Trip Parent’. This second outing again had all the Doom-y delights, only you got the feeling this so called Strange Universl [sic] would turn up for shows. Or would he? And, hang on, who is he?

    Moving on, and now Autumn is upon us, and what? That man A.Nut is at it again, this time announcing that Eglo will release a Strange U six-track EP in November. Six tracks? Sick tracks. Judging by by everything so far stamped with the Strange U mark. ‘Scarlet Jungle’, the latest offering, is every bit as ear-pleasingly disturbed as the earlier cuts. Hmmm, will all three tracks even appear on the EP? Best wait and see…

    Now back to ‘Scarlet Jungle’. Once more with beats made by the increasingly impressive Dr Zygote, only this time an extra guest MC appears, a certain Shadowstar Boxer (Did you just think who? Me too, oooo spooky…). Again, A.Nut speaks, “It’s like David Cronenberg spitting battle raps with Screaming Jay Hawkings on the MPC.” Well, that may be but director/producer, Samuel Craven has somehow summoned the spirit of Sun Ra (and/or Space Is The Place director, John Coney) for the video and seemingly pilfered his parent’s/uncle’s or aunt’s VHS camera along the way.

    Righto… Strange enough? No? Well okay then kick back and click play(s).


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    EVENTS: John Akomfrah exhibitions on til November
    Why…? Moog Rogue.