CDR Preamble: Phil Asher

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    A Restless Soul and prolific producer, Phil Asher’s soulful fingers have been in numerous sonic pies for some time. From DJing at “London’s first House club” Delirium (back in ’91!) to co-founding the (truly legendary) Co-op nights, in recent years his journeying, broken or four-to-the-floor sets at Inspiration Information (Notting Hill Arts Club with Patrick Forge) and Soul Heaven (Ministry of Sound) have prompted much dance and smiling. Ahead of Phil’s appearance at CDR London this Sunday, April 14th (free registration here), we shared a preamble. 

    So, you’re showing your Maschine know-how and the machine’s capabilities at CDR. Please can you tell us how long you’ve been using a Maschine and what it is you dig about it? How does it differ from previous setups?

    I think I got my first Maschine late 2010, I sold my Akai MPC3000 to Dj Karizma and went straight online and bought the Maschine. The versatility of it means I can do anything , go anywhere Music wise, It uses the sample or audio source directly from your harddrive or Library. No processing. Sure the MPC was Warm, had a great sound & Swing, but so does Maschine. You can compress, reverb , delay , Phase or anything you choose from your Waves Bundle (if you have it), if not the onboard effects are endless. The MPC had a Delay? The fact you USB it straight into your laptop is a plus in my eyes, no other drum machine I’ve ever owned has Intel Core Audio, with 2.5 Ghz of Processor & 4 gig of Memory, plus 1K of Storage. Plus its so easy to use.

    When and where did you first hear about CDR?

    I heard about it from the very Beginning I believe, the Early 90′s Back in the Co-op, Goya Day’s. I’ve Known Toni a lot Longer though, LOL.

    You’ve contributed plenty to scenes in the UK and beyond for some time, how is music production and DJing different now, in 2013, from when you set out back in the day?

    It’s much easier now, Modern technology has sorted that, back in the day it would take the best part of a morning to get a beat sounding Hot, now it takes Minutes.

    Being easier to Comprehend as well makes it better for Young Beat makers.

    Who has been on heavy rotation on your audio player of late?

    Ok, 1. Kenny Dope “Anything Go’s” Cassette, 2. Ben Torrens – Ultra Dub Blend – Cd, 3. Anthing re-edited by the HHA outta Harlesden, New Tunes by Johnny Aux, Paranoid London, D’wala in Nyc, NG9 Project, Soul Renegades & Minnie Ripperton & Lee Scratch Perry or Jah Tubby, Also a new Project i’m involved in Aisling & the Haze – Occupy the World, forthcoming on R2 records.

    Please talk us through the track you last [cmd] ‘S’d ? ([ctrl] ‘S’ to PC users) [in other words, last project you saved]

    The Last Song I saved in my Macbook, was a Song by Curtis Kirkland Feat Selina Campbell on Vocals, Kaidi Tatham on Keys & Carl Smith on Percussion, I’m just doing a remix on this project for Room Control , Its a Beautiful full Vocal production, Selina is a great Singer. I love the Song & Music, which helps when your doing a remix, I find its better if your into the song/track already. Excusing that project two new beats i wrote on Maschine. One called “Barry” the other called “Rusher” .

    Any other projects or tracks your working on at the moment that you’d like to let us know about?

    As I mentioned before, there”s an Lp in the making under the “Aisling & the Haze” Title. It’s a collaboration between Aisling Stephenson, D’wala & Myself. I also have Lp projects in the pipeline with G Force from Bugz in the Attic, AJ from Border Crossing & Jan Kincaid from the brand New Heavies. I’m working on a bunch of stuff with an amazing spoken word artist called James Massiah, we have a release forthcoming on Radio Slave’s imprint. I’m always writing , I love it. I’ve just started writing with Zansika again, and hope to start collaborating with a great young singer called Tabitha Benjamin.

    Finally, have you any advice or words of warning for producers/musicians developing musical works in progress to play at CDR?

    Don’t waste time getting it perfect, let people hear your Music.. Don’t pander to Fashion, follow your heart, Listen to people, Share your thoughts with people, “Each one Teach One”. Try Everything, You’re as limited as your Imagination.

    Peace & Love …

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